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The Digital Digest Verizon Smartphone Review: Touch Pro2 vs Imagio vs Motorola Droid

Hey everyone, This video should help those of you considering purchasing a new smartphone for verizon wireless. The following handsets are briefly reviewed: Motorola Droid, HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Imagio. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you enjoy the review, please subscribe as this is only the first of many reviews, opinions and general insight on just about everything digital. Enjoy!
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19 Responses to “The Digital Digest Verizon Smartphone Review: Touch Pro2 vs Imagio vs Motorola Droid”

  1. xbox360liv3 says:

    whoever have at&t company dumb up

  2. LastPlaceWinner says:

    i need a new phone, i would prefer a smartphone, and i am linked to Verizon, my current phone is an env2, its sadly invincible, i’ve smacked it, smashed it, water-logged it, i even tried to burn it a bit, and it still works! and it’s not broken because of that crap i put it through, it’s been terrible for a while. but i also have an ipod touch, and i have about $150 spent in paid apps i probably won’t be able to use if i get a droid like i think i might, or i might get the verizon iphone 4

  3. LastPlaceWinner says:

    when it supposedly comes out. i can’t make a decision, should i cut my oppurtunity costs, and get the droid and drop my apps? or wait for the iphone 4? i also have a few hundred paid songs (bad idea, wish i thopught of rhapsody…) so a good music player woud be nice, from the droids i was mainly looking at the motorola droid and the droid x. i did enjoy apple’s nice cosmetics with the screen and browsing with scrolling and such, but it isn’t a Any help or suggestions would be nice. Thank you!

  4. TheDigitalDigest says:

    @henik9 Get the Incredible!

  5. TheDigitalDigest says:

    @rayjones09 True but the hardware and Android OS, make it the better device overall. Of course that is only my opinion.

  6. TheDigitalDigest says:

    @thesweeney80 I think the 3.5mm jack is only on the US version as you pointed out. Still a great phone! Enjoy! Thanks for watching!

  7. thesweeney80 says:

    a 3.5mm jack on the TP2? since when?
    Is that something that Verizon have added to the device?
    I thought the TP2 had to use mini USB earphones or an adapter.
    Mine (euro GSM version) is coming tomorrow and I’m pretty sure it doesnt have the 3.5mm jack………gutted :(

  8. rayjones09 says:

    I’ll have to say that the HTC Touch Pro 2 has THE BEST KEYBOARD I’ve ever used. Far more superior than the Motorola Droid.

  9. henik9 says:

    I want the Nexus one for vzn.

  10. oldgr3gsplac3 says:

    just get the touch pro 2..at least thats what i would do in your situation. lol i like the droid an all but the keyboard sucks and the tp2′s is pretty easy to use

  11. TheDigitalDigest says:

    hope the response i sent helps you out. feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

  12. TheDigitalDigest says:

    absolutely correct. couldn’t have said it better myself.

  13. crow4416 says:

    Hi guys sorry i don’t want to be a burden but, i am debating wether to get the touch pro 2 or the droid? Suggestions? I text a lot thanks in advance guys.

  14. mithrandel111 says:

    Thats not a hidden fee. Its the same fee that any carrier charges for any smart phone including the touch pro 2 and the iphone. its an unlimited internet access fee and its actually very handy. Maybe if you cant afford to use the features for a smart phone you shouldnt get a smart phone. Just a suggestion.

  15. sigh2infinity says:

    The droid does not have anything to increase font size and the fonts on the screen are MINISCULE for people that have sight issues like me. The voice commands only do search and contact look up and navigation. Capacitive touch is so much better, but overall, i’m debating if i should keep my droid, because the imagio has more tricks and gadgets bells and whistles. The google marketplace is WAY better than windows marketplace. Imagio keyboard sucks. It’s been tough to decide on these phones…

  16. TheDigitalDigest says:

    I am speaking for myself. Despite personal preference, much of HTC’s success is a product of the Touchflo experience. It has been a key component to differentiating HTC from the competition. Excellent build and design never hurt either.

  17. TheDigitalDigest says:

    As does the AT&T Tilt however this review is for the Verizon handset (as indicated in the title) which does not run 6.5 out of the box.

  18. jagjagin says:

    And speak for yourself, I like Windows Mobile Interface WAY BETTER than that crappy TouchFLO 3D

  19. jagjagin says:

    the HTC Touch Pro 2 with U.S. Cellular has Windows Mobile 6.5

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