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HTC Droid Incredible Vs. Google Nexus One

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25 Responses to “HTC Droid Incredible Vs. Google Nexus One”

  1. CedricKopat says:

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  2. CelineHilver says:

    i just found out how to hack wifi with my android phone! iwifihack . net

  3. DROIDincUSER says:

    thumbs up if u think nexus one fails just for being on at&t

  4. MrJustinb8 says:

    I’m on att I got the backflip did I make a good decision I was thinking about the nexus one but no 3G so I said no

  5. iRoyS809 says:

    He said Nexus One at 11:45 lol

  6. IanAck7 says:

    the nexus one is rooted!

  7. CrumpetWarrior says:

    @bigfdz1 Ummm, explain? O_o

  8. mmabjj4evz says:

    ME TO so excited <3 cant wait!

  9. ryanneb2010 says:

    The nexus looks a few years old. i dont like the brown color. i like the futuristic look if the incredible. im getting it wednesday =)

  10. ithree6mafia says:

    i wish the nexus one had a super amoled display, and no im not getting the nexus s, because i love the original design, and its to expensive ;p

  11. cwbh10 says:

    @TJGProductions iphone

  12. TJGProductions says:

    I like nexus one’s curves! the incredible is too boxy!

  13. thatshot3000 says:

    also the N1 reminds me of one of the first t-moble sidekicks!..the N1 software is awesome! they jus need to change the look to make it more apealing

  14. thatshot3000 says:

    Love these phones…but incredible is the one for me! I love HTC and the overall look of the droid incredible is ah-mazing!..the N1 looks bland and theres nothing cool about it..the droid is sleek and the design is great..the software is almost the same so in the end it comes down to looks.

  15. bigfdz1 says:

    They are great phones but the iPhone 3GS is the best phone to have right now better then iPhone 4 as well

  16. TheAndroidFreak says:

    the nexus one because it will always be up to date

  17. kurt23407 says:

    google nexus one destroys the un-incredible!!

  18. patrkcirtap says:

    my backflip handles the 3d tray…

  19. strontface2 says:

    @austinon24s CDMA is not in the global vision of google, buy it unlocked, activate it on a cheap t-mobile or att plan and buy a mifi.

  20. austinon24s says:

    i wish the nexus one was on verizon :(

  21. happymealswims83 says:

    i would prefer the nexus one to the incredible however im not leaving verizon… so its a fail for me. lol i guess ill just have to stick with my moto droid :-)

  22. fluffyed says:

    And my trackpad light was broken on it the LED inside it was dyeing and wasn’t soldered properly to the CPU.

  23. fluffyed says:

    I had exactly the same problem with my N1 and I kept sending it off to Google which supplied it to me and HTC they said they had somethings to do with the tech inside and i switched to the HD2 and that i thought was alot better with the big screen tbh.

  24. AudiBoison says:

    @IamMrHart then you should buy Verizon’s Motorola Droid X.

  25. Dna12rex says:

    Thanks for that likkle vid “John”, my personal choice would be the HTC Incredible 2, but out here in the UK dat’s hard 2 get hold of, so I tink I’ll go 4 the Nexus One. Reviews were excellent and real helpful still.

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